November Newsletter: Horses, Millennials and Chins

Dear Valued Associate,

Imagine how it would feel if people actually appreciated the work that you do. Can you picture what it would be like to get up every morning and head off to work knowing that citizens respected your organization and its mission, your profession and expertise, and the effort that you put into public service?

I was recently part of a conversation with a group of government types pondering questions like these and I reminded them that there actually was a time when people in government had a lot of credibility. You need credibility to succeed. Sure, ‘gubment’, that abstract bureaucratic monster, has always been good fodder for derision and probably always will, but mistrust in institutions, and you as part of that institution, has never been this low or pervasive.

Helping you navigate this new norm, re-engage the people that you serve, and rebuild trust is what TPC is all about. I think you’ll find something useful here.

Stay curious,


Trust From the Horse’s Mouth

The Edelman Trust Barometer has measured and tracked public trust in institutions globally for several years, so, to understand this death of trust, we go to the horse’s mouth – Edelman. This is a long piece of video from the Aspen Institute, but if you want to understand this phenomenon – and you should – this will be worth your time.

Your biggest chunk of constituents, customers, citizens, or however else you’d like to characterize the public, belong to the millennial generation, today’s 18 – 35 year olds. And these folks aren’t happy either.

And one last take on the subject of rebuilding trust.

You Work with Millennials

Internal Engagement

We help organizations overcome dysfunction, both with the customers/public that they serve and internally. People need control of their lives and jobs and if they don’t get it, they disengage.

Keeping Your Chin Up

These are tough days to be working in public service, especially federal government. It’s hard for people who have been under constant fire and derision for years to stay motivated to serve the greater good, and it’s difficult to inspire younger people to want to do it for a living, but this may in fact be the best time. Evidence suggests that tough times are cyclical. We may not have hit bottom yet, but we will, and smart, talented people will be the rock stars that rebuild a public sector that really works for people.

Dispute Resolution, Community Engagement, and Meeting Facilitation Training

The Participation Company (TPC) facilitates, consults, coaches, and trains public and private sector people about community conflicts and public engagement programs. Our job is helping you do yours.

We still have two International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) classes coming up before the end of the year and both of these courses are eligible for Certification Maintenance (CM) credits through The American Planning Association’s (APA) professional institute, the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).

IAP2 Foundations (5-day) Course

  • Walnut Creek, CA – December 11 – 15, 2017

IAP2 Strategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage in Public Participation

The fresh new hands-on 2-day workshop (previously known as Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation) has an expanded manual and is now available in pumpkin spice.

  • Salt Lake City, UT – December 11 – 12, 2017

Visit our website to register and watch for more courses in 2017 (with IAP2 and independently). We work with a variety of clients to customize in-house training for their specific challenges.