Like an Arsonist Working as a Firefighter: June Newsletter

Dear Valued Associate,

Paying attention to political news these days likely causes many of us to believe The Gods Must Be Crazy. In a time when facts, truth and reason seem to be twisted and manipulated in ways that we’ve not seen before, using tools that weren’t available before, we need to keep some things in mind.

Successful public sector professionals, communicators, and campaign-winning politicians know that people are moved far more by their gut than by reason. And that poses some serious challenges to people working with the public in fields requiring evidence-based decision-making. I hope this newsletter sheds some light on that challenge.

Stay curious,



Our Digital Challenge

What can you do in one minute? Well here’s what happens in 60 seconds online:

The volume of digital communication is staggering. We need to talk about the quality of communication, so let’s start with this.

Electronic communication is different and at its best it remains two-dimensional — we are three-dimensional creatures.


Conversation Craftsmanship

Good communication and engagement starts with connections and that typically requires conversation. Our focus on tools and electronic media has resulted in our degraded skills in interpersonal communication. It really is a craft and here are 10 rules for getting better at it.


Can You Hear Me Now?

You might have noticed that listening is one of the 10 rules in the previous Ted Talk, so these next two dig a little deeper.

You’re a bad listener, here’s how to remember what people say.

When listening isn’t enough.

There are reasons why we hate to listen, but there are real purposes for doing so.

There’s even a cool term for one lousy-listening habit that a lot of people suffer from.


Public Outrage, Involvement and Group Facilitation Training

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