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Decision Fatigue

You’re tired… we’re all tired. The silent majority has become the exhausted majority and the research and evidence shows that depression, alcohol abuse, stress, domestic violence and all of the other maladies that you might imagine occurring in these strange times are on the rise. Our social lives are upside down and when you’re engaging your community, or meeting with co-workers , or with your friends and family, you’re probably doing it online which is just different and less than the experience you get face to face. Adding to these weird times, we’re now being forced into choices we’ve never had to consider before – seemingly mundane but important daily safety decisions for ourselves, our kids, — like if, where, when and how we even leave the house. Where and when we get groceries, who and how we encounter other people, decisions we would never had to give a second thought to nine months ago. This decision fatigue is real and it plays a role when you’re dealing with your work team or asking citizens to weigh in. Take a breath and take a look at these ideas to maintain your sanity and theirs. Read more