The core of TPC’s practice, and the underlying value system behind it, is the philosophy that together we’re even better. Whether the “we” is a government agency and its constituents, a company and its community, or any entity and its internal departments, TPC helps you to bring people together to communicate effectively, resolve conflict, build consensus, and manage crises with training, coaching and consulting.


We believe the good plans, good projects, and good decisions – with staying power – are created to meet the needs of the many, rather than the needs of the few. Fair, equitable, and sustainable programs are those that have been vetted by the universe of people whose lives are affected by them.

There are many interests and points of view that can impact the outcome of our clients’ undertakings. Through our training and consulting, TPC strives to help you bring together these voices so they can be heard, acknowledged, addressed, and included in decisions that last – for the benefit of everyone involved.

Why Involve the Public?

Why bother? We know it’s hard and often unpleasant to deal with people who oppose you, disagree with you, or mistrust you. But opponents don’t just go away. Unless their concerns are heard, they’ll only continue their opposition and find more creative and costly ways to express it. It’s just human nature: we all want some say in actions that might change our lives, touch our children, or affect our future.

When your initiatives impact the community, and the public is in a position to support or derail your project, TPC will train, coach and help you – as consultants and neutral facilitators of difficult conversations, guiding your decision-making and community engagement efforts.

Are you facing potential public backlash or has your community raised red flags for you already? Contact us today to discuss our approach to public sector consulting.