Conflict is part of the human exerience – it’s baked into our DNA – and lasting solutions require resolving conflict. Here you can read the best information on conflict resolution strategies, hand curated by our experts and trainers in public solutions. People don’t always agree, and resolving those disagreements is key to what we do in public participation. Resolving conflicts takes a lot of “soft skills,” more so than just facts. Data rarely changes someone’s mind. To do that you need humility, respect, authenticity and transparency, qualities that are necessary in dealing with the public for your government, organization, or business. These are the newsworthy articles that we have found contribute to this conversation on conflict resolution. Enjoy, dear reader.


Conflict Resolution

Getting Beyond Contempt

As you’re reading this, the fall campaign cycle in the U.S. will be in your rearview mirror, although I’m confident we’ll still be knee deep in the nasty aftermath. This will likely go down as the ugliest, most vitriolic campaign cycle in recent memory and it’s widened the gap further ...
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Henry Ford once said, “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said ‘Don’t change anything.” He’s right. Most people want things better but hate the idea of change – particularly having to change anything in themselves. Those who do what we do for a living are in ...
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Preserve the Relationship

In our coaching classes, we frequently talk about dealing with highly agitated, angry people and their aggressive behavior in public meetings and other settings. One of the strategies we employ helps facilitators and clients make sure that they do everything possible to preserve their relationships with those people. Anger escalates ...
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Hakuna Matata

The past couple of years have generally sucked for most people. For a majority of us, it’s been a lousy period in our lives and for some of us, it’s been truly horrible and particularly difficult. But you know what, by way of the fact that I’m writing this and ...
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What Does Decency Have To Do With It?

We’ve said this before but it bears repeating: many of the pieces that we include in this newsletter are written from and for the perspective of profit making businesses. Companies usually need to worry about their credibility, profitability and competitive advantage. Government? Not so much. But given the continuing decline ...
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