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Author name: John Godec

Don’t Get Mad, Get More Effective

We teach classes to help clients and other students understand and deal with public and stakeholder anger, emotion and opposition. Developing better emotional intelligence makes a world of difference in accomplishing things that matter. And it’s not just about them, it’s also about you and me. Emotional intelligence means understanding ...
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Meetings Aren’t the Problem

Meetings get a bad rap and I confess that I’ve sometimes been guilty of piling on. Traditional public meetings are often the least effective way to engage a community, in light of all the other options and formats. But it’s not necessarily the meeting itself that’s the problem, but how ...
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Who Knew?!

Somebody said to me recently, “You must be a real extrovert to do what you do.” As a guy who has always avoided large social gatherings, that made me laugh until tears ran down my leg. But I’ve discovered that I might very well be an ambivert. Until recently, I ...
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Working Stiff

Your body language and vocal tone have an oversized impact on the message you’re delivering – meaning how you’re delivering what you say. When the audience’s trust of you is low and their concern about the issue that you’re talking about is high, which is often the case in the ...
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Ignorant and Confident

Mark Twain said, “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” We see stupidity and confidence in any number of successful people these days. (I’ll let you decide who they might be.) Confidence comes in handy but, like beer, too much just isn’t ...
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Stranger Danger

I was talking with one of our more experienced clients on the east coast the other day. She told me they’re encountering a consistent challenge with new hires, smart people often fresh out of school, who are really uncomfortable talking with folks beyond their own age bracket and out of ...
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