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Our courses provide public participation specialists, communications professionals and technical experts with the communication and facilitation skills they need to successfully move their projects forward and avoid internal and external conflict. Covering broad topics such as conflict resolution, public outrage, facilitation, and public participation, our public sector training courses are designed to prepare you to meet your unique challenges with confidence. We offer these courses to individuals via IAP2-sponsored events and our own schedule.

public sector training

Course Descriptions

Foundations in Public Participation: An International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Course

Designed with the input of successful practitioners who work with diverse populations and divergent circumstances throughout the world and feedback about your training needs, this comprehensive program will let you hit the ground running, armed with the knowledge and confidence you need to plan and execute effective initiatives for any area in which you may be working. This globally recognized course is divided into two modules, each focusing on the major phases of public participation: Planning and Techniques. The Planning module provides you with a proven structure that will greatly increase your odds of a successful project. The Techniques module teaches you powerful techniques you can put to immediate use in your next project. Upon completion of both modules, you will receive a certificate of completion from IAP2.

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Strategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage in Public Participation: An IAP2 Course

Public anger is an increasing trend in society. Growing global citizen outrage is causing government gridlock, lawsuits, stopped projects, election losses, destroyed credibility and loss of time and money. Strategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage in Public Participation (formerly Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation) is a workshop in conflict resolution that builds on IAP2’s global best practices in public involvement and the work of Dr. Peter Sandman, a foremost researcher and expert in public outrage and risk communication. This public sector training course will help you move people from rage to reason and engage stakeholders in building consensus for better decisions.

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Public Facilitation Essentials: Public Facilitator Training

Building on best practices from both the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), this one, two or three day public sector training course introduces the basics of facilitation in the public arena. Both new and seasoned facilitators learn how to design and conduct successful facilitated public involvement events. Designed as a small, intensive, interactive learning opportunity, this course allows participants opportunities to practice their skills in a safe learning environment with lots of constructive feedback. They leave with video tapes of their practice sessions, an extensive manual, and other tips and tools for becoming more comfortable at facilitating different types of meeting processes and techniques. Essential for public participation specialists and any leader looking to polish and improve overall facilitation skills for optimal results.

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Building Public Trust In Government

Attendees will better understand and manage interactions with highly suspicious and skeptical citizens who don’t believe in government authority or the value of public service professionals.

This will be an interactive and practical look at the current mood of the U.S., how and why we got here and what to do about it. We’ll explore the most current research from a variety of reliable sources and apply that information to tested and proven ways to increase the credibility of people who work in the public sector and improve your ability to do your job.

You’ll have time to bring some of your stickiest challenges to the conversation, we’ll provide the coaching and help you develop a workable path forward.

Course content will cover interpersonal skills, better public behaviors, conflict resolution, understanding and dealing with difficult people, and proven, better communication and messaging skills that work better when dealing with cynical and disbelieving citizens.

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Do you have a specialized training need that isn’t covered by one of our current courses? Would you like to tailor one of our courses for your organization or offer it at your location? Please contact Jennifer at 218-422-6432 or for more information.
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