Public and community engagement, involvement and participation is what we are doing as consultants. It is also what we help others do most effectively. We work with teams, companies and agencies on reaching consensus through public participation and collaboration. We usually find ourselves bridging divides by creating spaces where people are willing to participate to build solutions. Community engagement builds consensus. And below you have some of the best of the news and tips that we have found about how to engage communities. Or what happens when you do not. The latest news handpicked by our public sector consultants, all wrapped up with a sometimes snarky – yet always informed – perspective. Enjoy!

Social community cooperation concept and group crowdfunding investment symbol as a team of diverse hands nurturing a sapling tree with roots wrapped and connecting the people together i a 3D illustration style.

Community Engagement

Is Your Job Still Safe?

It was recently suggested that artificial intelligence (AI) could replace community engagement people, like AI is predicted to replace 375 million jobs globally by 2050. It won’t. AI will have, and is having, a major effect on data driven and technical fields, but when it comes to context, nuance, emotion ...
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Officials Need To Listen

My partners (Wendy and Doug) and I concluded a while ago that the best, most effective community engagement is happening at the local level. It stands to reason that the closer those who govern are to those who are governed, the greater the chance for real, authentic public participation. Consider ...
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Saying the Wrong Thing

Having worked in public participation for well over three decades, I’ve worked with thousands of people who don’t look anything like me. (Lucky for them.) I’m no saint, but I don’t think there’s ever been a time when I’ve intentionally ignored or dismissed people who are different, nor have I ...
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