Looking for the latest communication tips? Communication is more than just the delivery of facts and data. True communication is just as much about listening as it is imparting. And there are a lot of ways to do it wrong. Here you can find all the latest news that we have handpicked on this most important topic. Communication: Everyone does it, even when they’re trying not to, and doing it well requires constant improvement. Here you can brush up your skills on ways to avoid failure, use better words, make more relevant points, understand context, make it stick and build understanding. Plus, getting great at presenting … or at least how not to dread it so much.



The History of Fake News

As I’m writing this, I’m watching a television report that Russian state media is labelling video and firsthand reports of civilian slaughter and atrocities in Ukraine as “fake news.” It’s a term that’s gotten a ton of traction since the election of the previous guy here in the U.S., but ...
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Briefs Are Important

For just a brief moment, you might have thought that this “brief” headline was referring to underwear – if that got your attention, mission accomplished. This is actually not about underwear, but it is about the importance of being brief. In this age of hyper communication with everyone vying ...
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Slooww Dowwnn

Public speaking is the single biggest fear for most people – people tend to list public speaking as more frightening than death. When most people get in front of a group, nerves tend to shift your brain into overdrive and your speed increases without you being consciously aware of it. ...
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Here’s Where It All Starts

Engaging and involving people starts with being able to communicate with them. If you can’t effectively accomplish that, don’t bother. The challenge starts with finding out who they are, understanding what they know and learning how best to reach them. The responsibility of communicating with them rests with you, not ...
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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Professional propaganda and weaponized disinformation might be the biggest fundamental problem facing civil society and democracy. As the following story points out, politically slanted bulls#!t isn’t new, it’s been with us since well before Roger Stone was filling his diapers. But conventional media, alternative media and social media have given ...
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Make Connections

Relationships are the key to the work we do; it’s the not-so-secret sauce that makes engagement successful and leads to successful projects and lasting, smart outcomes. Relationships require connection and that connection is the responsibility of everyone involved in your project, including those who think they’re just there to make ...
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