Looking for the latest communication tips? Communication is more than just the delivery of facts and data. True communication is just as much about listening as it is imparting. And there are a lot of ways to do it wrong. Here you can find all the latest news that we have handpicked on this most important topic. Communication: Everyone does it, even when they’re trying not to, and doing it well requires constant improvement. Here you can brush up your skills on ways to avoid failure, use better words, make more relevant points, understand context, make it stick and build understanding. Plus, getting great at presenting … or at least how not to dread it so much.



The Truth is Dying in Darkness

A recent piece in The Philadelphia Inquirer connects the plunge in newspaper readership to people’s completely false and wrong understanding and beliefs about the economy, public policy, the environment, public health and most other things that we all should know involving our government. To combat charisma without character, truth needs ...
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Stories Give Your Facts Meaning

Stories make facts memorable. Research suggests that people forget nearly half of what they learn within 20 minutes (80% is gone in a month), but stories help fix that problem. So, getting people to understand and remember what you want them to know about whatever you’re planning or doing takes ...
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Working Stiff

Your body language and vocal tone have an oversized impact on the message you’re delivering – meaning how you’re delivering what you say. When the audience’s trust of you is low and their concern about the issue that you’re talking about is high, which is often the case in the ...
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Weaponized Bull$%!$

Kid diseases that have been inconsequential for decades because of childhood immunization programs are making a comeback because those programs are now under assault. We have at least one avowed anti-vaxxer Presidential candidate making noise. Trust in credible institutions and science is deteriorating. Up is down, black is white, and ...
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Ultimate Communicators

Excellence is defined as being outstanding or extremely good. You may not agree with or like some of the following people who excel at connecting, but you should appreciate their ability to do so. Bill Clinton has a remarkable ability to connect with mass audiences, and also make individuals in ...
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Use Your Words

One of my refrigerator magnets reads, “Use Your Words.” I got it at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., years ago, before, sadly, it closed for lack of funding. To cite a quote often attributed to Nietzsche, “All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and ...
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Let Me Be Brief

I can’t think of a better argument for brevity and quality than one that’s been around for more than a century and a half. Those of us who went to school when “civics” (or something like it) was a thing probably learned at least parts of Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. Delivered ...
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Heading Bull$#it Off at The Pass

Of course complaining about propaganda might make us feel momentarily better, but finding solutions is what this requires. Pre-bunking is a place to start. That’s a clever term for a simple idea: address the propaganda right up front. Instead of just hoping that your message and facts will stick, anticipate ...
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