Trust is the foundation of any personal or professional relationship. Trust in government, major institutions, big business, non-government organizations and the media has been consistently eroding for years. But trust is imperative for resolving conflict and building consensus. Here you can find our viewpoints, musings, and curated content about this critically important topic of (re)building trust, particularly as it relates to trust in government and institutions. Topics range from why people don’t trust to how we can help to rebuild trust. These handpicked articles seek to educate and illuminate. We look forward to hearing what you think.



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Pass That Dog Down

Eli Lilly and Company announced this month that they’re reducing the price of their most common insulin by 70% and capping patient out-of-pocket insulin costs at $35 or less a month. It might make cynical people wonder why. But in spite of how things feel these days, the overall arch ...
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Government Loses Again

For at least three decades now, we’ve known that when it comes to public confidence and trust, big government has mostly been out to lunch, and the most recent data confirms that it’s not getting any better. There are no magic cures, but again, there are indeed proven ways of ...
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Basics of Empathy

Empathy is linked to our best relationships with people and our own well-being. Empathic people tend to be happier and enjoy less stress. Empathy is a big topic these days because research and empirical evidence suggests that empathy is in serious decline. The University of Michigan found that college students ...
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We Have a Trust Crisis

Trust in expertise, academia, power and institutions of all kinds (particularly government) is at an all-time low. Research suggests that most people truly believe that business and government leaders are purposely misleading them. If that’s the case, how can a representative democracy function? This vacuum of trust opens the ...
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Why We Mistrust Government

Ideology, partisanship, and self-service in government aren’t necessarily new, but it sure seems more obvious recently. There are always those who, shall we say, have less than honorable motives. And there will always be those who truly believe in the righteousness of what they choose to believe and perpetrate. Added ...
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