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Heading Bull$#it Off at The Pass

Of course complaining about propaganda might make us feel momentarily better, but finding solutions is what this requires. Pre-bunking is a place to start. That’s a clever term for a simple idea: address the propaganda right up front. Instead of just hoping that your message and facts will stick, anticipate ...
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Life in the Age of Disinformation

The word existential might be approaching overuse right now, but I think that the biggest existential threat to the work that we do with the public in democracy and for the greater good may likely be the proliferation of disinformation. Weaponized propaganda and bull$#it amplified by the current cultural climate, ...
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Reading the Room

I told you my story of the pants at the top of this blog which, I hope, helps clarify the importance of the myriad of non-verbal factors involved in conveying knowledge and nurturing understanding in others. Because so much of the work that you do involves working with groups, those ...
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