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Government Faces a Long-Haul Trust Problem

Criticizing, debating and railing at the government has been a favorite hobby of people the world over since government was invented. Now, in some times and places this might result in losing your actual, personal head, but thankfully we’re not there yet – as of today. As public trust in government continues to depreciate, that sentiment is oozing even deeper into local, previously more trusted authorities. It’s taken years to get this low and under the best of circumstances it’ll take years to resuscitate it. The biggest challenge is the fact that there are those in economic and political power who gain greatly by keeping us as mistrustful, stupid and angry at government as possible. 147 federal lawmakers (House and Senate) supported at least one objection to counting Joe Biden’s electoral votes, supporting the Big Lie: that he was not legitimately elected President. (Biden won by more than 7 million ballots and with 306 Electoral College votes.) Anti-government domestic terrorism is metastasizing in America, according to FBI Director Christopher Wray. This is real, it’s not normal and it will take careful, skillful, patient, truthful engagement for a long time to grow our way out of it.

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