Composed of two new courses, Building Blocks provides a bedrock understanding, proven approach, and tools to create a positive culture of engagement throughout your organization and prepares participants to design meaningful engagement.

From climate change to homelessness, government decisions touch people’s lives. The public wants a say in decisions that affect them. Agencies may recognize they have an obligation to invite public input, but staff and their contractors often don’t know how to do so effectively.

The two core courses focus on what practitioners need to know to design and implement highly successful engagement programs. Both courses are participatory and experiential, providing practical tools and rigorous approaches to planning, designing, and implementing engagement programs.

Principles and Planning for Meaningful Engagement
Five Half-Days, Online
Too often, traditional engagement programs and meetings fail to meet the needs of either the agency or the community. This course builds on decades of proven practice to share a strategic approach and understanding of how to create a strong culture and foundation for successful community engagement. We provide a comprehensive understanding of the principles that underscore meaningful engagement, and a structured and rigorous approach to planning how to engage the community, build meaningful relationships, and communicate effectively.

Tools for Meaningful Engagement
Four Half-Days, Online
Building on the principles and planning course, the Tools course offers a range of fundamental tools and skills to deliver meaningful engagement to our diverse modern communities. We take a structured look at a curated set of techniques for meaningful engagement that anyone can design and implement without further resources or training. This course explains how these tools work, where and how they are most successful, and tips and examples for design, including how to adopt these tools to online and hybrid applications.

Detailed workbooks provide the practical skills, processes, and planning tools you will find yourself using on all your projects.

Pricing for Public Courses

Principles and Planning for Meaningful Engagement 5, 4-hour sessions $1050 $990
Tools for Meaningful Engagement 4, 4-hour sessions $700 $660
BOTH Courses 9, 4-hour sessions $1750 $1650

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