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The Unsettling Future of Propaganda

A full third of all internet traffic today is generated by “bad-bots,” computer programs designed to do bad, malicious things: SPAM, Malware, other kinds of attacks that overwhelm legitimate websites or take needed services offline, and some that just spread dangerous lies and effective bull$%&#. The bad guy percentages are growing exponentially and artificial intelligence (AI) is making it more sophisticated and adaptive. And it’s coming to a head at a time of the most critical U.S. election cycle in our lifetimes. For a taste of the power of disinformation, consider this recent New York Times piece.

But before you crawl back under the covers and resume your fetal position, remember that knowledge is power. So please read these very good suggestions on what you and I and others can actually do about it.

One of the most egregious and dangerous examples of mis- and disinformation is around vaccine denial and opposition. Two of the three people running for President of the United States continue deceiving their followers and it’s hurting kids. But you can do something about that as well.