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Fearless Facilitation is a Fallacy

In the work that we do and in the classes that we teach, we increasingly run across people just starting out in this biz. Newer facilitators tend to be nervous about the idea of dealing with volatile situations and people with strong feelings on competing sides of issues. They’re usually looking for clear assurances, magic words and proven advice that will make their apprehension go away.

We can usually help their skills and confidence levels a lot, but the fact is that anyone who steps into the middle of these tough conflicts, including those of us who’ve done it a few thousand times, feels the anxiety of the unknown that’s simply a part of this art-craft. Nerves are natural and just about every actor, athlete, speaker or anyone else that works in high profile public spaces will tell you that butterflies are part of the job. Here are some thoughts on managing your own homegrown fear.