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Active Online Listening

Almost all of us have moved our work online and, thankfully, we’ve maintained our ability to connect in the best alternate ways possible. I can’t imagine where we’d be if the pandemic and lockdown had occurred before our current video and connection capability options. But as game changing as Zoom, Skype, WebEx and the other platforms have been, there are limitations to this experience; meetings and gatherings are just … different. Interpersonal communication conveys lots of emotion, feeling and meaning to the things we say. It’s ridiculously important in public engagement and in any kind of conflict resolution and it’s the first thing that’s lost online. Now that more than 60% of us are working online, it makes sense that we should get as good at it as we can, right? And given that nearly half of communication is associated with the receiving parts of listening, here are some suggestions for getting better at listening while we’re video conferencing. And do I really have to say, keep your camera on? Read more