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Cannibals, Reptiles and Chemtrails

Queen Elizabeth is a practicing cannibal, Justin Bieber is a member of a race of reptiles, and Chemtrails make liberals the demons that they are. If you’re not aware that 5G technology causes Covid-19, the earth is flat and Bill Gates is implanting microchips in the forthcoming vaccine you might not be a conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy theories have been around as long as people and beer, but the ability of the internet to amplify them is a modern phenomenon. Every thought in your head is shared by some people that you’ll find on the word wide interweb and there are those who will happily confirm that Sandy Hook and the 911 were staged inside jobs. It’s easy to roll your eyes and dismiss some people as kooks but Pew Research has found that 25% of Americans believe in some kind of unfounded conspiracy theory. We need to explore and understand the why and how to deal with each other even under these extreme situations. After all, as someone wise once said, ‘Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t really somebody after you.’ But now that thing about Bieber answers a lot of questions… Read more