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Being Soft is Hard

The world and working in it will continue to evolve at an astonishing pace with technology growth and artificial intelligence (AI). Oxford economics says that 47% of today’s jobs will be gone in 10 years. And that means that essential skills – empathy, communication, speaking, decision-making and good judgement – will ...
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Trusting Strangers

In spite of what Mom said, I frequently ride in cars with strangers. I travel a lot so I’ve come to rely on and trust Lyft and Uber. Now, normally I’m not a very good passenger – I much prefer to be the one driving. But I’ve become comfortable with ...
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An 11-year-long study in the journal Science corroborated by six independent fact checking organizations found that false news stories spread faster, farther, deeper and more broadly than truthful news. Fake political news is most likely to spread. The problem is that what’s true is often boring or hard to understand, ...
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