Trust is the foundation of any personal or professional relationship. Trust in government, major institutions, big business, non-government organizations and the media has been consistently eroding for years. But trust is imperative for resolving conflict and building consensus. Here you can find our viewpoints, musings, and curated content about this critically important topic of (re)building trust, particularly as it relates to trust in government and institutions. Topics range from why people don’t trust to how we can help to rebuild trust. These handpicked articles seek to educate and illuminate. We look forward to hearing what you think.



Why We Mistrust Government

Ideology, partisanship, and self-service in government aren’t necessarily new, but it sure seems more obvious recently. There are always those who, shall we say, have less than honorable motives. And there will always be those who truly believe in the righteousness of what they choose to believe and perpetrate. Added ...
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Trust Saves Lives

COVID-19 has now killed more than 900,000 people in the United States. We knew what needed to be done to prevent many of those deaths, but victims were unwilling to take those steps. Knowing that COVID kills ten times as many people as the flu, people still defy the evidence, ...
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We’re Losing Our Glue

Trust is the lubricant that allows families, friends, groups, societies, governments and economies to function. We know that the level of trust in institutions of all kinds has been falling for years, but now we see more evidence that trust is failing everywhere. It won’t be easy to reverse this ...
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Sitting around knitting toaster covers the other night, I was thinking about what Fiona Hill and Newsweek magazine both are calling America’s Cold Civil War. The overall lack of empathy on display is beyond anything we’ve seen. It’s more than apparent that those of us who see other people as ...
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Media Schmedia

By most credible measurements, government continues its downward spiral as the least trusted of institutions by most people. But public servants might take heart in the fact that media (news) isn’t far behind in its loss of credibility. The partisan divide – meaning who on the political spectrum does or ...
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Local Government Trust Is in Jeopardy

We know that for years, trust in big institutions has been eroding with big government being the least trusted of those institutions. We’ve also seen that government closest to the people has been traditionally more trusted than the federal government. Close means the people who put out fires, fix potholes ...
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Not Rocket Surgery

I think we’ve reached the point where it’s pointless to waste time debating whether or not most people have lost faith in institutions and experts. They have. We have. Public engagement will be key for those institutions and experts to re-earn some semblance of credibility, which we all need if ...
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