Conflict is part of the human exerience – it’s baked into our DNA – and lasting solutions require resolving conflict. Here you can read the best information on conflict resolution strategies, hand curated by our experts and trainers in public solutions. People don’t always agree, and resolving those disagreements is key to what we do in public participation. Resolving conflicts takes a lot of “soft skills,” more so than just facts. Data rarely changes someone’s mind. To do that you need humility, respect, authenticity and transparency, qualities that are necessary in dealing with the public for your government, organization, or business. These are the newsworthy articles that we have found contribute to this conversation on conflict resolution. Enjoy, dear reader.


Conflict Resolution

Executing an Effective Conflict Resolution Strategy

Effective Conflict ResolutionConflict resolution strategies and conflict resolution techniques aren’t very difficult to understand, but they’re often challenging to implement because of our own egos. Sometimes this means we’re sweeping problems under the rug or downplaying the situation at hand–even covering it up. However, executing an effective conflict resolution strategy means we ...
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Conflict Resolution Activities

conflict resolution activitiesOf all of the conflict resolution activities that we have at our disposal – and there are a lot of them – this one is probably the granddaddy of them all.

Do you feel like I do – not only don’t people listen, but most don’t know how to listen? ...
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Mom’s Conflict Resolution Skills

We’re in the people business. So we like to observe people. Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the incredible experience of watching two small boys learn how to deal with the world and with each other. And it hit me: Yikes – people start out as children! ...
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