Consensus, agreements that people can live with, is typically the goal in finding group solutions. You need to bring differing positions to common interests. Without consensus, projects are frequently roadblocked, conflicts grow, and relationships are broken. Existing conflicts require the need to bring the splitting factions back in to alignment. For your consideration, we have collected our latest perspectives and news that we have found to be useful on the subject of consensus. Please read them all here. And if you don’t agree with us, we’d like to hear about that too – please drop a note, we’ll find consensus.



Consensus or Kumbaya

Consensus is, arguably, the true essence of effective democratic public policy. Crafting decisions that most people can live with isn’t easy or quick, but usually beats simple majority voting when 51% wins and 49% of people become losers. Of course, there are people who see consensus as the naïve and ...
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Consensus Building: Successful Techniques

consensus buildingAs you have perused our website, you have been treated to several blogs about consensus building. What is it? What isn’t it? How do we achieve it? Why does it take so much time? What are some specific techniques to help you and your group gain consensus?

The Red, ...
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Voting vs. a Consensus Decision-Making Process

Consensus Decision-Making ProcessThe mainstream news media, and politics in general, has had a love affair with the word mandate for the past several presidential news cycles and that should make all of us a little crazy.

Elections are decided by vote, still probably the cleanest and most efficient system that we’ve come ...
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Collaborative Problem Solving Basics

How are consensus decisions developed?

Consensus becomes possible within groups that are committed to honoring each person’s contribution. The collaborative problem solving process involves a shared commitment to listen collaborative problem solvingrespectfully to each other and the choice to allow each unique perspective to inform the whole view. A consensus-building group will ...
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Consensus Decision Making as a Goal

What is consensus decision making?

Consensus is one way that groups can make decisions. There are other ways, of course. A conceptual range of options is depicted graphically below. It spans from one person making a decision on behalf of the entire group to consensus with no constraints, meaning that ...
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What is Consensus Decision Making?

Jails, cemeteries, hospitals, unemployment offices, corner offices, and congress are all filled with people who’ve made bad decisions. But what exactly is what is consensus decision making?...
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